Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Lately I've been on a mission to make use of all the photos I take on my phone and SLR.  It seems that once I upload my pictures, they are lost forever, filed away on my computer, never to be seen again.  So I had an idea to make a frame using all the instagram pictures I've taken since Leah was born.

I dug through our garage and found an old frame that I have been meaning to get rid of because the glass had cracked during the move to our house.

I uploaded a bunch of instagram pictures and ordered them online (Walgreens will print 4x4 square prints for  $0.39 each, same day pick up).

I tied 4 rows of twine onto the frame (if you're using a wooden frame you can also staple to the backside).  Then I laid out my favorite pictures and secured them to the frame with tiny clothespins.

And here is it!  What I love about this frame is that I can easily move pictures around and add new ones as time goes on.